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The Outlaws in Vegas Slot Machine

We were ready to settle in for some more gunslinging action from developer Hacksaw Gaming’s slot, Outlaws Inc., after their fantastic foray into the Wild West in Wanted Dead or a Wild. Contrary to what one might expect from the title, Outlaws Inc. has nothing to do with outlaws of the Wild West. Outlaw Inc is a biker club that isn’t made up of humans, but rather rough-looking animals wearing helmets.

Aside from the fact that both feature anthropomorphic animals and are themed on quick rides, that line probably brought to mind ELK’s Nitropolis series of slots. Outlaws Inc. follows in Hacksaw’s footsteps by utilizing a largely black background, sliced with dazzling neon flourishes of color, while the Nitropolis collection is a veritable explosion of color. The color scheme and multiplication mechanic of Outlaws Inc are reminiscent of the popular game Itero. However, the tone is lighter, more akin to that of Chaos Crew.

While Outlaws Inc isn’t as explosive as Hacksaw can get, it’s also hardly a leisurely ride around the countryside on a Sunday. Meanwhile, RTP can range from 96.23% to 96.23%, so it’s important to check the paytable to see if you’re about to play the most lucrative version or a less generous one. The motorcycle gang mayhem may be accessed from any device, and bets range from 10 pence to £/€100 each spin if you’re satisfied with the arrangement.

To play Outlaws Inc, you’ll need to get at least three matching symbols from the leftmost reel across the 25 fixed paylines. In this “wrong part of town,” players will find 8 standard pay symbols, with half of them being low pay difficult tokens like bats, knuckle dusters, knives, and bombs. The high pay symbols include a chicken, an eagle, and two dogs. When comprised of low pays, a winning line of five of a kind is worth 1-2 times the wager, whereas a winning line of five high pays is worth 5-20 times the wager. In addition to doubling your wager for five of a kind, wilds may be utilized to complete winning payline combinations by substituting for other symbols.

Featured in Outlaws Inc. Slots

The cougar and the orc are two other significant emblems in Outlaws, Inc. Check out the Global Multiplier in the top left corner of the reel first. While Cougars contribute 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, or 100 to the Global Multiplier during free spins or extra spins, Orc symbols increase the Global Multiplier by 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25. The Global Multiplier may be triggered by landing a Gorilla symbol. If there is no win at the time, the multiplier starts over. In addition, the Global Multiplier is applied once for each visible Gorilla if several Gorilla symbols land at the same time.

Stellar Bar

The number of remaining free spins in the bonus round or further spins in the standard game are displayed in the Star Bar, located to the right of the reels. In the main game, landing a Star symbol gives one spin for every one to three Stars on the Star Bar. During re-spins, the Global Multiplier will continue to accumulate.

Extra Round

When 3, 4, or 5 FS symbols appear, the bonus game begins, and the player is awarded:

Three stars, initial global multiplier of one.

Four stars, with a default global multiplier of five.

5.0 out of 5.0, using a scale International Factor of Ten

The Global Multiplier does not reset between spins during free spins, allowing for its value to be steadily increased. There are also two brand-new box glyphs. When Star Boxes are opened, either Star Badges (which add 1–7 Stars to the Star Bar) or empty Star symbols (which add up to 7 spaces to the Star Bar) are revealed. The emoticons in these smiley boxes are a cougar, an orc, and a gorilla.

Freebie Get

If the Bonus Buy option is present, clicking it will reveal three different features for sale. If you wager 100 times, you’ll receive 3 Stars and a beginning Global multiplier of 1x (RTP 96.33%), if you wager 200 times, you’ll receive 4 Stars and a starting Global multiplier of 5x (RTP 96.33%), and if you wager 300 times, you’ll receive 5 Stars and a starting Global multiplier of 10x (RTP 96.34%).

A Slot Machine Decision for Outlaws, Inc.

Not being a Western in the outset (not the game’s fault) may have contributed to Outlaws Inc. not holding players’ attention as well as some of Hacksaw’s other recent slots. Even though it came out after Itero and Hand of Anubis, it feels like Outlaws Inc. was a prequel to both films. Although it looks to be aiming for the same demographic as Chaos Crew, its concept and overall vibe fell short in comparison. There’s no denying its explosive potential, but Outlaws Inc. never quite reached its full potential.

The Global Multiplier appears to be inactive until the bonus round or additional spins are triggered, which isn’t immediately clear from reading the game rules. Hits from Orcs and Cougar symbols seem to have no effect at this time. Since this isn’t entirely evident from the paytable, a thorough playing should clarify everything. Unless you’ve been granted free spins or started a bonus round, you might choose to ignore the multiplier altogether.

The game makes a lot more sense when either of the free spin stages is engaged. After then, the value of each Orc and Cougar attack is added to the Global Multiplier. Since the multiplier remains active during these phases, it increases until you hit a standard line win and explode. Or not, as it will be useless if no Gorilla flies in. The frustrating resetting of the multiplier also occurs if a Gorilla hits but a win does not.

In testing, as may be expected from a Hacksaw game, the Global Multiplier reached some fairly astounding heights, and there might be a lot of Stars during free spins, which would make the first 3, 4, or 5 free spins go a lot longer. Obviously not all the time. Hacksaw is an expert at teasing with the promise of future benefits. With a massive Global Multiplier blazing a hole in the screen, Outlaws Inc has the potential to provide payouts of 10,000x the initial wager.

Overall, Outlaws Inc. was exciting at times and its multiplicative abilities are exciting, but it pales in comparison to Hacksaw Gaming’s more interesting work of late.






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